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White Collar Crime Practice Area Focus

Jul 25, 2012

In an era of ever increasing globalization, governments and businesses are beginning to take a closer look at corporate governance practices of companies throughout the world. With such a spotlight being shone onto the conduct of businesses, and perhaps with pressure from international governments for action to be taken (particularly as such crimes now frequently cross-border) it is perhaps foreseeable that national governments may decide to step up efforts to prevent white collar crime within their own borders.

Companies who also may need to transact business globally to remain competitive are also perhaps at a greater risk of falling victim to white collar crime in such international transactions. Individuals also may face a greater risk of being a victim of global white collar crime when they, for example, choose to invest, with such investment taking place frequently globally, rather than simply nationally.

In such an environment, our firm feels that it is the time to begin to focus on white-collar crime so that we can adequately assist our clients. Not only through defending from charges of white collar crime, but also working to find redress for individuals and companies who have perhaps fallen victim to white collar crime.

We feel that such a practice area will be an important addition to the existing areas our firm focuses as we will be able to provide a full service package to our clients which can help facilitate effective business transactions both on a global and national scale.

If you feel that you might have been the victim of white collar crime or you are currently facing an investigation (or the possibility of such an investigation) into the possible commission of a white collar crime, we invite you to contact our firm for further information so that we might begin to assist you with achieving a solution to the possible white collar crime issue that you are facing.

You are welcome to contact us via the Contact Form to discuss and for more information.