Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office.


AILAW Internship 

AILAW is engaged in both domestic and global corporate matters including assisting ventures from Israel, France and African countries. In recent years, the firm has a strong focus on venture-related work. Our purpose is to create a secure business eco-system and legal infrastructure that enable people with innovative mindsets to pursuit their purpose of changing the world. We envisage a future where professionals are not limited by traditional stereotypes but solve problems of modern society in an innovative structure that combines law, marketing, and technology.

We require

  • University student or graduate who is interested in law, new businesses or entrepreneurship

Desirable qualities

  • Global mindset
  • Imaginative and creative person who shares our vision
  • Problem-solver
  • English, French and Japanese language abilities

 We offer       

  • Experience in an international law firm·        
  • Opportunity to collaborate with people of different nationalities ·        
  • Improve analytical skills (especially the processes in law and business)·        
  • Exposure to different ideas ·        
  • Snacks and tea·        
  • Transport reimbursement  

Examples of Internship Activities

Please note the internship is Marketing focused. Activities will depend on the individual Intern.

  • Drafting News/Blog/Research Articles.   
  • Create and organize events (such as Meetups).         
  • Learning and reviewing marketing and business tools (such as Sales Force, Slack, Asana).         
  • Event attendance.         
  • Interview emerging startups and networking.        
  • Social media management.         
  • Video content creation.
  • Devising new business models.
  • Participate in professional study session.  

Internship Structure and Length

  • Flexible and negotiable: weekdays between 14:00 and 18:00.
  • Interns are encouraged to propose what they prefer.
  • Sundays are also available for selected intern activities.
  • Maximum length of internship is generally 3 months.

We have had interns who come a few days a week and also semi-remote style.

Our office location: 5F Nishikan Honten Bldg 1-10, Kyobashi 1-Chome Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan

Application Process

  1. Please send your CV to our firm at ailaw-info@ailaw.co.jp
  2. Interview (at our office or video chat)

Important Notes

  • Interns from overseas are responsible for their own visa preparation and living arrangements during their stay in Tokyo.
  • Fully remote internship is not available.
  • The internship is not paid and not intended as a method to recruit future staffs. 

Comments from previous interns

“Currently in Japan, I am doing an internship with two other students where we study marketing as well as legal practice.
This internship is for us the opportunity to learn but above all to work while having fun.
Indeed, Ailaw offers us to integrate a team seeking accomplishment by mutual help and positivity.
This internship will be for you the opportunity to work in a pleasant climate while developing our best assets.
Walid / April 23, 2019″

“Everybody is kind, patient and concerned about your well being during the internship”

“The combination of a relaxed atmosphere and relative independence is quite nice”

“Good work experience, a bit of life experience, resume buffer”

“Better knowledge in marketing A better understanding of the Japanese system Better knowledge in Tech More confident while speaking in English New ways to view entrepreneurship”