Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office.


Legal services that enrich society

We would like to work with customers (partners) who truly support this vision. We may refuse case matters in order to focus on what we consider as meaningful legal services.

Meaningful legal services: It is eliminating the worries of many companies at once and creating an environment where you can focus on your main business from the same perspective as users and enhance their perspectives. It is legal services that create strategies that change work frameworks to games with vitality, legal services that promote growth. 

Meaningless legal services: Services that avoid risks but create nothing, solutions that only buy time without conclusions, advice without providing mental support, advice that anyone can think of, advice that only uses specialist terms that are difficult to understand, legal services that give no benefit to society nor users, legal practices that go against human emotions, legal practices that believe contracts and courts are the only solutions. 

Three pillars of strategy

We will use everything within our powers and all our networks to support our clients and work to maximize our clients’ interests. To that end, we will seek out ways to increase our clients’ profits by analyzing all appropriate options from different aspects of 1) business, 2) politics, and 3) law to avoid conflicts. We are fully prepared and ensure our clients have the upper hands when a conflict emerges, not simply reacting to a problem. 

After reviewing our vision, we believe that our limited resources can only be focused on the following case matters. Those outsides of the scope, we will consider the resources and make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

・ Venture hub
Brings a sense of security to ventures that change society.

・ Global venture hub
In this era, companies that do not aim to be global will be eliminated. We provide services that let you earn foreign currencies with confidence.

・ Digital transformation
Our existence has no meaning if we cannot provide any growth opportunities to existing companies. Therefore, we consider and create business models together with our clients and together make a profitable framework for the business.

Shinji Sumida

Managing Partner

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