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Event Report – “How to Make A System That Dramatically Improves Management of Foreign Subsidiaries”

Dec 04, 2017

On November 30, 2017, Representative Partner Shinji Sumida had the pleasure of sharing his insights at a business seminar organized by the Business Research Institute in Tokyo. Mr Sumida appreciated the attention of all the participants during his 3-hour long presentation titled “How to Make a System That Dramatically Improves Management of Foreign Subsidiaries”, and for their engagement during the Q&A session.

A list of the presentation’s key points is listed below:

1.Investigation into the reason of poor performance of overseas subsidiaries
(1)Management vs Support
(2)Whether the staffs have reasons to choice Japanese corporation
(3)What requires change? The people.
2.Prevent disturbing the momentum of overseas business
(1)Management types that undermine development
(2)Ways to prevent dishonesty
(3)Ways to be put on notice
3.How to set up an efficient organization that prevents dishonesty
(1) Importance of HR management
(2)Support method to subsidiaries
(3)Creating practical systems
(4)Reconsider the meaning of the law in developing countries

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