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Apr 25, 2023

NEW SEMINAR IN JULY !!  If you are a in Japan and would like to learn more about the rules of using ChatGPT in your company, please feel free to sign up for Mr Sumida’s upcoming seminar schedule.

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“ChatGPT internal usage and key revisions to internal regulation of Company~・What are the risks for emplyees when the company uses ChatGPT・What are the specific measures to address these risks” at Financial Management Forum, Inc. (In Japanese)  May 30, 2023(Tue.) 9:30~12:30 開催セミナー詳細 – 金融財務研究会・経営調査研究会 (kinyu.co.jp) 
“ChatGPT internal usage and key revisions to internal regulation of Company~the benefits and risks of using ChatGPT” at Business Research Institute (In Japanese)  June 6, 2023 (Tue.) 10:00~12:00 【オンライン】ChatGPTの社内利用と社内規程改訂のポイント – 企業研究会 (bri.or.jp) 
“Legal risks and measures associated with the internal use of ChatGPT” at FN communications Ltd. (In Japanese)  June 8,2023 (Thu.) 9:30~11:30 ChatGPTの社内利用に伴う法的リスク・対応 (fngseminar.jp) 
Points to keep in mind and measures for internal use of ChatGPT 

〜Advantages and risks of using ChatGPT, and points to revise internal rules (In Japanese) 

July 11 (Tue.) 2023 10:00~12:30 ChatGPT社内利用の留意点と対策 | 法人向けセミナー (ssk21.co.jp) 

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