Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office.


Simple and Transparent

Our office endeavors to provide a simple and transparent legal fees for our clients. We always provide estimates up-front so there are no surprises nor hidden costs when dealing with us. Bank transfer, credit card (online and in-person) and cash payment options are available. We understand each client is unique so we are open to discussing alternates to our standard fee and work structure. Please understand, however, our firm often requests advance deposit/up-front payment as part of our case management policy.

Legal Services

Our office generally operates on a time-charge rate of 35,000 yen per hour charged in 6-minute intervals. However, discounts apply to retainer clients and the rate is negotiable depending on the subject matter.  

Our firm does not use a strict stopwatch calculation, but instead, use tasked-based estimations. You may view our time-charge policies here: Time Charge Policies

As a general estimation, corporate contract matters (review, advice, and amendment suggestions) is usually between 2~5 hours. Negotiation, additional research, and strategic planning are then discussed and charge when necessary.  

One-off consultation

15,000 yen for up to 25 minutes at our office or via web-meeting.  

Fixed fee structure 


Our Schedule of Trademark Fees is available HERE.

For more information regarding registration of trademarks in Japan, please click HERE. 

Due Diligence 

Company Registration Certificate from 500

Preliminary Package from 80,000 

Transaction Package from 200,000

Please refer to our Due Diligence Service Description for details.  

Monthly Corporate Legal Retainer 

AILAW offers fixed monthly retainer options for clients who would like continuing corporate assistance. 

A selection of special services that only apply to retainer clients. Please refer to our Corporate Legal Retainer Description for details. 

Establishing a Company

AILAW assists foreign individuals and entities in entering the Japanese market. 

We offer consultancy to discuss the best corporate structure for your business. For those already decided on establishing a kabushiki kaisha (company limited by shares), please refer to our explanations and estimations here.


AILAW provides translation service to and from the following languages: Japanese, English, French and Chinese.

Fee is calculated on a project basis. 

All translations are done and checked by native speakers.

We also provide comments regarding structure and content if required.   

The Fine Print

The information on this page covers only a small section of our practice. Please contact us through the contact form on our website to discuss with us.   

All fees listed on this page are in Japanese yen unless otherwise specified.  

All fees listed exclude any applicable tax.

All fees listed are to be viewed as a general guide rather than a fixed offer of service, actual fees are decided and confirmed through the provision of estimates and invoices via direct communication.   

Only postage is charged under office costs unless specified.

Costs associated with payment (such as bank fee, credit card system fee) are born by the client.