Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office.


AILAW is a venture-related firm with a focus on assisting domestic and global ventures in Israel, France, Africa, etc. Our goal is to create an environment and legal infrastructure that allows people with a venture spirit to focus on their business. 


Our internship is mainly focused on legal services marketing for new business. This involves:

  1. Writing articles
  2. Organizing networking events
  3. Creating videos
  4. Legal research (depending on ability)


  1. International environment
  2. Focus on personal development
  3. Creative role
  4. Experience in a law firm 
  5. Learn about the Legal Affairs 2.0 era
  6. Opportunities to learn about Japanese and international business
  7. Transportation expenses: depending on your distance from the office, we offer partial or full reimbursement for transportation expenses. 
  8. Flexible working schedule: you can choose the length of your internship, your working days and your daily schedule. 

Who We Are Looking For 

-Law students

-University students interested in law or in starting a new business

-Those who want to solve society’s problems through a combination of law, marketing and technology

Additionally, our law firm is looking for fluent English speakers. We use Japanese, English and French for our cases, but the common language for our staff is English. Of course, candidates who also speak Japanese or French are more than welcome.

Selection Process

Interested candidates should send us a CV and a letter of intent at the following email address: ailaw-info(a)ailaw.co.jp 

Successful candidates will be invited to fill out online questionnaires to measure their skills and better understand their plans for an internship. This will be followed by a phone interview (possibly in person for those currently residing in Japan). 

All internship candidates will be required to present a detailed internship plan before their first day at the office. 


Please be advised that we do not offer visa sponsorship or payment for internships. Additionally, we expect interns to be proactive, self-motivated and to create their own schedule for their internship. We do not offer internships focused on accounting. 

For more information, please contact us here.