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Legal Bodyguard

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Do you want a Legal Bodyguard? 

At AILAW, we know that running a business is a huge undertaking. You want to focus on your core business, so you don’t have the time, energy or resources to handle legal matters. But we know most of  legal matters are bothering you, which caused your productivities to be reduced by more than 80%. This also caused a chain of mistakes which might damage your company, for example, 100 million yen or in even worst scenario you might have a mental distress during a long term. That is why we want to offer you a  Legal Bodyguard plan that will give you real legal protection and peace of mind so that you can stay focused on your business. 

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What is a Legal Bodyguard?

Sumida”This service is what I really wanted” Shinji sumida

1. One hour consultation to reduce your anxiety

Shinji Sumida will provide you with the service to reduce your anxiety by concentrating on your emotional problems which causes the legal issues so that you can concentrate on your business later. Calming your emotions down allows you to reconsider your possible solutions to move forward the best solutions. 

2. Document Review Included

You can send us documents for review and we will give a preliminary legal assessment. M. Sumida will assess the main issues that need to be addressed and offer you advice. 

3. Strategic Risk Assessment 

As we become acquainted with your business, we will be able to provide your with a strategic risk assessment that is tailored to your specific situation. We have had many clients who have gotten into significant legal, and therefore economic, trouble because they overlooked an important document or issue. With our service, you can rest assured that you are not vulnerable to any legal risk. 

4. Why Shinji sumida can provide the said Services That Give You Peace Of Mind

M. Sumida has almost 20 years of legal and business experience and is currently a consultant for many startups. He is also a mentor at a business college called BusiNest. You can see more about his career here

He noticed during the legal practice for startups that certain aspects of running a business are stressful, even distressing. We want to offer you support that reduces work-related stress.

  • He was not given much of an explanation, and suddenly, in front of more than 20 people, he had to explain that the company would be liquidated. He had successfully persuaded the said persons to leave from the office.

  • When the founder and the members of the company could not come to an agreement, he was called in and negotiated with them for almost 8 hours without  breaks, at the request of both sides, and reached to the resignation agreement.

  • He visited the home of a client’s employee who committed suicide, apologized, and established an amicable relationship with the said family.

  • He suddenly had to take a plane for due diligence in a French-speaking country, and conducted interviews and other activities in a hostile environment.

  • When the president of a listed company was betrayed and was forced to resign, he was confused. In the midst of such confusion, Shinji sumida resolved the dispute in an appropriate manner.

    He has dealt with various cases such as embezzlement, corruption, etc. He understands how people’s emotions work in a crisis situation and has made efforts to make the parties smile in the end.

    He saw that most cases of ventures do not go well. He myself have experienced Hard Things such as Africa matters and running other businesses.

    Through these experiences, he became convinced that emotional distress is often the cause of failure. After studying psychology and other fields, he became convinced that mental relationships and sorting out feelings is the major way to solve the problems and increase their capacity by more than 80%.

He want to focus on putting your mind at rest and avoiding unnecessary conflict. 

If you’d like to have your own Legal Bodyguard, contact us.