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An Introduction to the Fox Mandal Law Firm

Nov 25, 2011

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What is Fox Mandal Law Firm?

In order to provide services that meet the needs of our clients, our firm creates connections with attorneys globally. By creating such connections, we can introduce these firms to our clients and also facilitate communication between our clients and these overseas attorneys in matters involving foreign jurisdictions. So, what is Fox Mandal Law Firm?

In a previous blog article, we mentioned how India has become a key destination for foreign investment in our brief overview of the laws on foreign investment in India (available at http://www.ailaw.co.jp/blog/archives/93). One law firm that can assist companies wishing to invest in India is Fox Mandal Little.

Product of a significant merger

Fox Mandal Little is the product of the merger in 2006 between the law firm of Fox Mandal, established in 1896, and Little and Co, India’s oldest law firm, established in 1856. This large law firm, with 50 partners and 400 lawyers, has 11 offices located throughout India, including the major cities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, and international offices in the UK and Bangladesh.

This full service legal firm can offer clients legal services in a wide variety of practice areas. This includes corporate matters, employment, intellectual property, litigation and taxation, amongst others. It is capable of assisting clients at all stages of a foreign investment project. Fox Mandal Little has won numerous awards from noted publications and societies for their services. In 2008, the firm was named best national law firm in India at the International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards, held in Paris, France.

Our firm has had the pleasure of directly meeting with one of the partners of Fox Mandal Little, Mr. Shuva Mandal. Mr. Mandal is a warm and friendly individual, while at the same time being intelligent and experienced. He can provide competent assistance to companies and individuals wishing to operate in the Indian market. We would be glad to introduce and liaise with Mr. Mandal and his firm for our clients who desire experienced and friendly assistance in matters involving Indian law.  Please feel free to visit Fox Mandal’s website at http://www.foxmandallittle.com/ and contact us or Fox Mandal Little if you have any questions.

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