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Special Zone Act Changes

Apr 17, 2015

The draft Amendment of the National Strategic Special Zone Act and Special Zone Act on Reforming Structure was agreed to at a Cabinet meeting on April 3rd 2015. If these amendments are passed by the DIET, then the amendments will include the following.

  • Deregulation of blood use for use of cells in IPS cells.

Previously, blood could only be used to manufacture blood products etc. However, in order to utilize technology related to medical reproduction, using blood to manufacture cells etc. for examination derived from IPS cells might be made possible by this amendment.

  • In addition, the former draft included major parts of the following:
    1. VISA deregulation for business managers
    2. One stop center for creation of legal entities
    3. Increasing flexibility with respect to notarization by notary publics. Currently, notarization of documents must be done by notary publics in specific requirements. However, this location restriction is proposed to be removed in this draft amendment, subject to certain conditions.

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