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parallel work guideline

Apr 19, 2021

The government provided the guideline amendment last year. Parallel work is quite important to share the work and experience with additional companies.

The government consider  that the later contractor with the same employees shall take the risk. For example, if the total working hours by the same employees for the former contractor and the later contractor exceeds the regulated hours, the later contractor shall pay increased amount of the wage. 

Both employers shall ask the information from employees and decide based on the reports from employees.

On the contrary, if employees work with later contractors as independant contractor, this regluation will not apply.

The employement insuracne shall be determined by each working place, so if the working hours are less than 20 hours a week at the office, this office does not need to pay employement insurance. On the contary, the working diaster insurance shall be paid by both employers.


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