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Help with public affair activities

Apr 19, 2021

How do we help with public affair activities?

Recently, we realized that there are many laws which prevent our innovation from moving toward creating new future. The government is an essential part of the state, but it often acts, or rather reacts, quite slowly. Even with a clear mandate, many governments cannot keep up with innovative change. Of course, it is a waste of time to criticize lawmakers for not making better laws to accept your environment. Rather, a proactive approach is needed to influence key government players. The government needs to be helped along by experts from the private sector. 

What we need is to contact the appropriate governors to realize that the current laws are not sufficient to contribute the nationals. However, we are not speaking of being lobbyists

We additionally can try to coordinate the arrangement of the non action letter and of the grey zone clearance. If necessary, we can use sandbox regulations as well. Sandbox regulations are quite interesting because they allow the government to create a space in the private sector for experimentation. Companies within that space are supervised by a regulatory authority and are permitted (even encouraged) to experiment with new business solutions. This can speed up the regulatory process by giving the government real-world examples to study and from which to draw upon when drafting regulations. It is also an attractive solution for cutting-edge businesses since it allows them to try out ideas in the market without any legal risk and it gives them something concrete to lobby the government with. 

Please be free to contact us if you need some help with public affair activities. 

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