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Navigating Compliance: Expert Guidance on Addressing Red Flags in Legal Obligations

Jun 19, 2024

The legal issues affecting your overseas subsidiaries’ management and compliance are numerous and complex nowadays. AILAW can assist you in understanding the duties and legal obligations of internal management, transactions, and directors/employees in your overseas subsidiaries. We provide advice on protecting your business while ensuring compliance with the law. 

AILAW offers assistance in the following areas: 

  • Providing advice on corporate governance issues related to:
  • Contract Law 
  • Corporate Law 
  • Labor Law 
  • Financial Services 
  • Privacy 
  • Trade Practices 
  • Potential fraud /corruption/sanctions 
  • Designing and implementing compliance systems 
  • Advising on the legal duties of directors and officers 
  • Conducting compliance audits of your overseas subsidiaries’ business, transactions, and financial flows 

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