Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office.

Intern Introduction Vol.2 – M. Kawahara

Sep 09, 2019

・Please introduce yourself

I am a rising junior studying Quantitative Economics and minoring in Entrepreneurship at Tufts University.  I am originally from Tokyo but I grew up in New York and São Paulo as well, so I am trilingual. I have a strong interest in macro economics and markets, but also love learning about different businesses, especially ventures, around the world. 

・Your hobby

I love traveling, exploring new places, and learning more about different cultures. I like to play soccer or play piano to destress and take my mind off of things ! 

・How you found out about the internship and what made you motivated to apply

I was looking for internships where I could learn more about the venture scenes in Tokyo and I decided to apply to AILAW because it seemed like an environment where I can achieve exactly this and more. Having previously worked at a start up in Japan, I knew I wanted to work somewhere I could continue to interact with innovative companies. 

・Your internship period

From July 29th to August 19th

・Please explain your project(s) at the firm

I worked on planning the initial stages of the Marseille X Tokyo event, from making the event overview to share with the French lawyer’s office, creating a time table, to brainstorming for intern recruiting for the event. 

I also conducted an informational interview with a founder of a blockchain company and wrote an article for Tokyo Inno Weekly pages. 

・The firm’s atmosphere

It’s definitely a very collaborative atmosphere, which I really enjoyed. The interns are always working with each other and bouncing ideas off of each other to produce something meaningful. The members of the firm are very supportive and want to see you succeed ! They are all very approachable and are willing to help, which made it such a welcoming, encouraging environment to be in. 

・What did you learn through the internship

I didn’t really have experience where I was put in an environment where you are given a lot of freedom to pursue any projects that you are passionate about and interested in and it took me a little while to get used to it, but I definitely learned to manage my time and resources more effectively in these types of situations. This is definitely an experience that I could not have gotten anywhere else. I also learned the overall strategies to marketing and the different approaches you can take, one being event organization and planning. I learned so much about what goes into organizing an event and what you need to be thinking about to make it successful.  

・Final comments

It was a great experience working at AILAW this summer. I had a lot of fun working on different projects and working from people all over the world ! 

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