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Internship Introduction Vol.4 – K. Munshi

Sep 09, 2019

・Please introduce yourself

I’m Keri, a South African who has lived in Japan for just over a year. I started off as an English instructor and decided to try out new opportunities and challenges, including this internship. I usually enjoy exploring Japan for all of its aesthetic, technological, cultural and modern aspects. I especially enjoy the occasional night out if not binging Netflix or going to the gym.

 Your hobby

I especially enjoy the occasional night out if not binging Netflix or going to the gym. I enjoy learning through practice and observation. The job post for AILAW came at a perfect time to help me get out of my comfort zone. 

 How you found out about the internship and what made you motivated to apply

What initially attracted me the most was gaining experience at an international/ foreign company, which would add more credibility to my work resume.

 Your internship period

I start the internship in beginning of July month until end of August.

 Please explain your project(s) at the firm

Now, I currently research topics of interest to create medium sized articles for our blog. I also review and edit articles created by other interns. What I enjoy most is brainstorming ideas for new and innovative ways to make our December event successful.

 The firm’s atmosphere

After starting at the firm, I appreciated the comfortable work environment after having been a bit nervous of my first encounter at working in a law firm in Japan. The general perception of a high stress environment in a law firm is not the norm at AILAW, it is actually quite the opposite. I currently have no set ending period for my internship and I am only able to come in to work 2 days a week due to my other work commitment. In this aspect am I grateful for the flexibility of this position.  

When I first started at the firm, because of its open ended work functionality, I was very lost and unsure of what I was meant to do. Words like ‘Slack’ and ‘Notion’ didn’t make sense to me until I explored the software’s usages. It took a bit of adventuring into various activities, as well as taking a look at other interns work, for me to find what I particular enjoy contributing to.

 What did you learn through the internship

The most important aspect of serving your internship, I’ve learnt, is finding a mentor that helps you reach a new level of potential. There is no point in serving an internship to a company that does not offer relevant tasks to what you hope to achieve during this time.

Final comments

I’ve found that Mr. Sumida not only embodies a person to look up to, he also offers guidance yet gives you autonomy to explore your limits and creativity.     

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