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Service Description – Corporate Legal Retainer Description

Mar 15, 2018

It is like having an affordable in-house legal team without the troubles of hiring.    

Our office offers several types of retainer to support companies in their day-to-day business. Whether it is simply for ad-hoc consultation, document drafting or complex structural changes and major transactions, we are flexible to develop a plan to suit individual client’s needs. We are devoted to understand the workings of our clients and available to provide support regarding internal compliance matters as necessary.

Common features of all the Plans

– Fixed monthly fee plus expenses and relevant tax

– Discounted price for service outside of retainer scope

– Priority over non-retainer clients

– Clients may use our firm’s name for marketing such as display on their website


– For tasks that cannot be covered by the Corporate Legal Retainers, we will charge separately according to the individual matters. A fixed discount will be applied to retainer clients depending on which plan they are on.

– The plans on this page are examples only. The content and scope can be negotiated according to the client’s needs. 

– The minimum engagement period is 6 months although the client may change the plan every two months according to the needs of the client.

– Litigation matters are not included in the Corporate Retainer Plan.

– Other than emergency matters or for practical reasons (eg. time differences), all work is performed during standard business hours of 9am to 6pm.  

– Service credit expires at the end of the correspondent month and will not be carried over to the next month.

Light Plan – 50,000 yen per month: one hour package

Suitable for clients that:

– Have little legal needs but would like legal counsel on call

– Relatively small in operation or stable business

– Require some legal research  

– Would like to try the firm’s service before moving onto a bigger Plan.

Monthly services include:

– 2 prepared consultations (30 minutes each) per month as needed

– Summary and comments on one legal document

– Drafting of one standard document

– Legal research (limited to 1 A4 page)

Medium Plan – 100,000 yen per month 3 hour package

Suitable for clients that:

– Require continuing legal support

– Are setting up a new company or business

– Require drafting of standard documents

Monthly services include:

– 3 prepared consultations (1 hour each) per month as needed

– Summary and comments on standard legal documents (unlimited)

– Drafting of standard documents (unlimited)

– Legal research (limited to two A4 pages)

– Written negotiation and procedural filing with 3rd parties as needed

Heavy Plan – 300,000 yen per month 10 hour package

Suitable for clients that:

– Have routine needs for legal support

– Would like assistance in setting up compliance policies

– Do business or plan to do business across several jurisdictions

– Would like support in business models and structuring

– Have small scale M&A activities

Monthly services include:

– Consultation up to around 10 hours per month

– Written and verbal negotiation with 3rd parties as needed

– Out of office support (visit client or 3rd parties) limited to once a month

– Summary comments on both standard and non-standard legal documents

– Lead transactional matters as needed

– Translation of foreign contracts (English, Japanese)

– Advice on internal policies and compliance matters

You are welcome to contact us via the Contact Form to discuss and for more information.