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Managing Your Company in Japan(1)Response Plan for Embezzlement Detection

Jun 28, 2024

  1. Evidence Collection and Estimation of Damages
    • The first step is to find evidence and estimate the amount of damage.
  2. Monitoring the Suspect’s Activities
    • Next, verify what tasks the suspect is performing on a regular basis.
  3. Utilizing Forensic Tools
    • Use forensic tools to extract as much evidence as possible.
  4. Ensuring Business Continuity
    • Ensure that operations do not stop. Predict the possibility of equipment destruction and password changes, and consider a smooth transition plan.
  5. Identifying Allies and Prompt Response
    • Identify trustworthy members who can respond quickly. This preparation typically takes about a week.
  6. Secretive Actions
    • Act cautiously to ensure the suspect does not notice and prevent further damage.
  7. Calm Response
    • Handle the situation calmly without showing anger. It is important not to display emotional reactions.
  8. Setting and Manualizing the X-Day
    • Once the necessary preparations are complete, set an X-Day and organize the procedures by then.
  9. Practical Arrangements
    • Rely on practical arrangements rather than legal procedures.

By following these steps, the response to embezzlement detection can be effective and smooth. These procedures are crucial for practical purposes both domestically and internationally.

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