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Finding The Right Person To Lead Your Subsidiary in Japan

Jan 17, 2023

Is your company looking to hire an executive to manage a subsidiary in Japan? The search for a good executive is a strategic operation, as the choice you make will have an oversized impact on your subsidiary’s management. Like it or not, the performance of your subsidiary CEO will also have a large impact on your company.  

Hiring an executive is a complex and multifaceted challenge. Issues such as the content of the employment contract, negotiating salary, designing the incentive package and mitigating risks in times of conflict are all distinctly important issues your company should consider carefully.  

For many years, on firm has been providing legal and business advice to both Japanese and foreign companies. This has often included advising on the search, hiring, management and termination of subsidiary executives. Recently, our firm has focused on three main aspects of this process.  

Incentive Planning 

Our lead lawyer, Mr. Shinji Sumida, has been trained at Wheaton College and has developed an expertise on designing incentive plans over the years. With his education and experience, he can help your firm implement an incentive strategy which aligns with your company’s goals. We believe that a well-structured incentive plan creates a solid foundation for your company’s relationship with your subsidiary’s CEO. Any misalignment between the subsidiary’s business objectives and the CEO’s incentives can cause problems such as reduced profitability, conflicts of interest and demotivation among staff.  

Candidate Evaluation  

Our firm can also provide a much-needed outside perspective when evaluating potential candidates. Our transdisciplinary experience with startups, small and medium sized companies, as well as large international firms, give us a unique perspective from which to evaluate new candidates. Add to that our legal perspective, and you will find that we can help consider potential risks and opportunities which may not have occurred to your team.  

Digital Transformation 

The modern candidate must be forward looking and be ready to lead the subsidiary in an era of constant transformation. Thanks to our expertise in the field of digital transformation, we can help you select a candidate who understands digital transformation and has the proper mindset to implement much-needed changes in your subsidiary. In particular, we have found that there is great demand amongst Japanese companies to find such people. You can trust our firm to help you find them.  

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