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MtGox Case

Mar 26, 2021

The MtGox case has been described as the world’s largest bitcoin heist. Have you been affected by this case? If so, you may be interested in learning how to try and recoup some of the Bitcoin you may lost. 
However, there is probably little chance to recoup the bitcoin from MtGox.
“Creditors whose self-approved rehabilitation claims have been objected to may preserve their claims under the Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings by applying to the Tokyo District Court for the assessment of their rehabilitation claims by no later than May 7, 2019 (Japan Time) (date of delivery). If the application is not made by May 7, 2019, these creditors will lose their rights to the claims.
However, if the objections are withdrawn by the creditors who made them, there is no need to file the application for claim assessment. Once the Rehabilitation Trustee receives such withdrawal, he will separately make an announcement to the effect.”
(i) Please send to mtgox_assessment@noandt.com an email setting out the information below with a copy of your photo ID attached to the email.  Your name  Username registered with the MTGOX Bitcoin exchange  Email address registered with the MTGOX Bitcoin exchange
Considering the difficulties inherent to the MtGox case, you may try but we cannot guarantee that this will be successful.
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