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Our Trademark Procedure Fees have been Changed

Oct 17, 2022

Schedule of Trademark Charges – Japan

In accordance with the revision of the JPO’s various procedural fees in April 2022, we have also changed the trademark procedure fees. Please see below for details.

(Effective from October 2022)
Service Description Attorney’s Fees() Official Fees() Total () 
Application for trademark registration (in one class)   80,000  12,000   92,000 
Each additional class in a multi-class application   52,000   8,600   60,600 
Claiming a Convention priority  
A) Basic Fee    * If the number of application classes increases, a separate fee will be charged. 20,000  ―   20,000 
Trademark registration (in one class) 50,000 32,900 82,900 
Each additional class in a same application 35,000 32,900 67,900 
Process Fee for registration 10,000  10,000 
Request for certification 12,500  12,500 
Application for renewal registration (without modification)  50,000  43,600  93,600 
☆Each additional class in the same registration  15,000  43,600  58,600 
Additional charge for Reduction in the number of classes from existing registration  30,000  –   30,000 
Recording transfer of pending application per case  
1) by succession or merger  35,000  ―  35,000 
2) by assignment  35,000  4,400  39,400 
Recording change of applicant’s name or address  20,000  ―  20,000 
Registration of transfer of registered trademark  
1) by succession or merger  80,000  3,000  83,000 
2) by assignment  80,000  30,000  110,000 
Registration of change or correction of name or address of registrant   30,000   1,000   31,000 

NB: All documents must be filed in the Japanese language at the Japan Patent Office.  

Japanese translation fee will be charged depending on the volume of documents. 

General comments on costs: The quotation covers our attorney’s fee and official fee.  All fees subject to change without notice. 

Additional attorney’s fees not mentioned in this schedule are calculated at the attorney’s hourly rate of 35,000 yen per hour.  

Additional charges may be incurred for bank transfer fees and postage fees. 

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