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Stage International Paris 2011

Nov 22, 2011

Mr. Sumida attended the Stage International Paris 2011

Creating and fostering relationships with attorneys across the globe, so that we can more effectively serve our clients by being able to introduce them to capable attorneys who can assist them in foreign jurisdictions, is of key importance to our firm. Who one knows is often more important than what you know when assisting clients in the global economy. Motivated by such a purpose, one of our firms partners, Mr. Shinji Sumida, recently attended the Stage International Program, organized by the Paris Bar Association in Paris, France.

 This program brought together attorneys from 35 different countries worldwide to engage in a program of cultural and legal exchange. This diverse group of attorneys included attendees from the following countries:

BurundiCroatiaCzech RepublicEstonia
MoroccoMauritaniaNorwayNew Zealand

 Such attorneys, we believe, were motivated to attend such a program by a desire to cultivate relationships with other attorneys across the globe and to understand legal systems worldwide to better assist their clients in a globalized world. Attending such a program in Paris isn’t without some costs, showing perhaps that such attorneys felt it important to invest in such an opportunity of cultural and legal exchange. With these attorneys working closely together throughout this program, our partner was able to develop strong bonds with a number of these attorneys and learn of diverse legal systems.

 Such motivated and internationally orientated attorneys as the attendees of this program, we believe, would be more than capable of assisting our clients in legal jurisdictions in multiple continents. Our firm hopes to continue to foster the relationships that were formed during this program in Paris, and would be more than glad to introduce such attorneys to our client. Although we cannot guarantee results from these attorneys, we believe them to be reliable and stable attorneys who we hope to maintain close bonds with for the years to come.

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