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Strategies for Preventing Fraudulent Activities

Apr 04, 2023

This post is an English summary of an original post in Japanese.

A comprehensive approach

As businesses face increasing threats from fraudulent activities, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive approach to effectively manage these risks.As risk management specialists and lawyers, we offer guidance on addressing fraud within an organization, covering aspects such as setting objectives and criteria, conducting investigations, decision-making, preventing recurrence, team building, and handling overseas operations.

Practical steps

Firstly, when victimized by fraud, it is essential to avoid self-blame. Instead, the focus should be on taking the necessary steps to address the situation. Engaging professionals with experience in handling similar cases is recommended as the first course of action.

Creating a task sheet that outlines the steps to take when dealing with fraud is an essential strategy. This task sheet should be prepared in advance and include crucial details such as evidence collection, compensation, and asset recovery. Utilizing Excel for creating the task sheet is recommended due to its ability to better itemize information.

Consider your other employees

Considering the perspectives of other employees when dealing with fraud is also vital. Top management should recognize their vulnerability to fraudsters and foster a company culture that promotes honesty and transparency.

Setting clear objectives and criteria when dealing with fraudulent activities is another crucial aspect. The decision to pursue legal action should be based on the company’s objectives rather than cost considerations alone. The cost should not be the sole criterion for decision-making.

Effective communication is equally important when managing fraudulent activities. Clear objectives should guide communication, and messages should be carefully crafted to avoid misunderstandings.


In conclusion, successfully managing fraudulent activities within an organization requires a focus on preparation, setting objectives and criteria, effective communication, and team building. This guidance offers valuable insights for managers and business owners seeking to address fraud and protect their organizations.

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