Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office.

Intern Introduction Vol.3 – L. Bourgain

Sep 09, 2019

・Please introduce yourself

24 years old student in political sciences and law. I come from France and I was looking for a summer internship to gain experience and travel in japan.

 Your hobby

I like to meet new people and challenge myself sport, hiking, parties, but I can also enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening at home sometimes, watching movies or reading a book.

 How you found out about the internship and what made you motivated to apply

I wanted to learn more about myself and how it is to work in a company in Japan.

 Your internship period

I start the internship in beginning of July month until end of August.

 Please explain your project(s) at the firm

There is a great diversity of task you can take part in. I am involve in all the projects that the company have with the French companies or the French lawyer’s office. Lately, we plan to implement a collaboration between a lawyer’s office located in Marseille and Ailaw lawyer’s office.  I also take part to some articles and content for Ailaw social networks and some event for networking contact.

 The firm’s atmosphere

The firm atmosphere is usually quite friendly (people use to have a cup of tea or meeting together, they work in team and discussion is important). There is not too much hierarchy interns are free to express themselves and do what they want and enjoy to do.

 What did you learn through the internship

I learn a bit more about how to work in team, and I also learn more about how to implement and try settle a project. We learn about how to manage a project in real life which means not only to organize, realize cute timetable and so one but also to take risk sometimes and afford responsibilities. I also learn that fail is ok as long as you can manage to learn something by those failures, and improve your determination and willingness. 

Final comments

I think it was a cool experience and it contributes anyway to improve my professional experience.

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