Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office.

Service Description – Due Diligence

Feb 21, 2018

Japan has strict regulations regarding privacy making it very difficult to obtain personal and detailed corporate information. There is some information, for example, litigation history, that is difficult to verify and obtain in Japan although in other countries are public and easily accessible. Our firm provides the following services to assist with due diligence needs according to each client’s situation.

Company Search

Our most basic service to provide you with the official company registration information of your target company. 

Official Japanese version is 500 yen while English translated version is 3,000 yen. 


Preliminary Package

Suitable for clients who are considering doing business with the target or commencing civil claims. Service includes an analysis report in English regarding:

  • ーthe target’s corporate registration history;
  • ーownership and management;
  • ーcredit status;
  • ーbusiness operation;
  • ーmedia coverage (if any); and
  • ーadministrative expenses involved.


80,000 yen fixed fee for a small-medium private company

100,000 yen fixed fee for a non-small-medium private company

150,000 yen fixed fee for a public company


Transaction Package

Suitable for a clients who is already in contact with the target and has legitimate grounds (based on contract or litigation proceeding) to request company information from the target. Service includes:

  • ーPreliminary Package listed above (stage 1);
  • ーconsultation with the client to develop a request list and highlight priorities (stage 1);
  • ーobtain and verify completeness of the requested information from the target (stage 2);
  • ーanalyze and identify potential risks (stage 2); and
  • ーadditional request, research and negotiation (stage 3).


Fee for stage 1 is 200,000 yen. The actual flow of matter will be on a case-by-case basis and estimate for future stages will be provided according to the volume of work the client requests.                      

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